– I took them as they’d all had chickenpox (in the van!) It can be bought online at : http://www.tollcard.pt. You will meet great people as well! • Get the 24-hour public transport ticket from any metro station. It is run by Robert, a biologist from germany who has a big passion for animal welfare and of course.. Donkeys! Ici : http://amzn.to/1RD3dm8. You report was a joy to read with all your lovely photos. I’m glad this post helped you in your planning. ViaMichelin offers route and distance calculations between towns, addresses and points of interest for 4 possible modes of transport: car / motorcycle / bike / pedestrian.. For car and motorcycle routes you can choose from the following variants: Michelin recommended: this route option focuses on safety, simplicity and minimising any risk of route errors. I’m curious what time of year you travelled to Portugal. The below road map of your Portugal road trip has a distance of 810 km and starts in the beautiful city of Porto. Je suis un passionné de voyage, d’écriture et de musique. If you missed a payment you can still make the payment within 5 days on pagamentodeportagens.pt to avoid a fine. Road trip en Catalogne : carnet de voyage épisode 2 ! Portugal map - Portugal Michelin maps, with map scales from 1/1 000 000 to 1/200 000 amzn_assoc_linkid = "4c5daeb2a0cdc0738b0068fddfccbfad"; We are flying from the Uk to Lisbon for 12 days so the information and helpful tips you have provided should prove to be invaluable to us. Zoomarine is great and glad the kids enjoyed it very much! As mention, I used Airbnb to find rooms during my trip to Portugal. Depuis la France et en traversant l’Espagne, plusieurs itinéraires sont bien évidemment possibles pour visiter le Portugal en camping-car, en van aménagé ou en fourgon aménagé. In the beginning of June, it wasn’t too hot, and a event a bit cold during the evening. By this time, you will definitely be in need of some rest and just a short jaunt from Cascais is Lisbon. Venez découvrir votre Nouvelle Golf, à partir de 199€/mois avec apport et sous conditions de reprise. It was a very hot day and we consumed a shameful amount of ice-cream and lemonade and we said goodbye to Portugal. If you don’t receive the email, please contact us via this form, Find out more about managing your data and your rights, Lisbon - Vila Nogueira de Azeitão directions, Lisbon - Sobral de Monte Agraço directions, Vila Nogueira de Azeitão Tourist attractions, Sobral de Monte Agraço Tourist attractions, Service stations of Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, Service stations of Sobral de Monte Agraço, API ViaMichelin - Itineraries, Geocoding, Traffic, Mapping, Michelin POI. . One of the most notable is Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo. I saw a few traffic-cops, but to be honest it was very minimal. Yes, that makes The Road Trip Guy a very happy person! I can count on one hand the number of direct flights I took during my life and I can’t say how grateful I was about that one. – Wave physics It is beautiful, clean and right in the city centre. In this town, you can find many attractions to take up some of your time, but if you find yourself in need of rest, just check into Paintshop Hostel. This small village is the perfect place for a time-travel to middle age and to drink Ginjinha. They have a very large choice of hotels all around Portugal. Mais si vous stationnez dans un parc naturel, au bord d’une plage, en sortie d’un village, sachez que ce stationnement est passible d’une amende si jamais la police patrouille et décide de venir vous voir…. ], The Best North Coast 500 Itinerary, Campsites & Hotels in Scotland, Spain Road Trip [ My Ultimate 10-Day Road Trip Itinerary ]. Où dormir à Venise ? He might do it this year. Finding a cheap and practical accommodation in a big city like Porto can be quite the challenge. It is included in the historical centre of the city, designated World Heritage by UNESCO. Le véhicule est identifié par un capteur au passage du point de paiement, qui prend en photo la plaque d’immatriculation. Jour 6 : Camping sauvage dans l’Alentejo en pleine nature. I didn’t try the Travesseiro :( I guess I’ll have to come back to Portugal! So difficult to narrow it down! L’allumage des feux de croisement est obligatoire même le jour par endroits (sur l’A25, entre Aveiro et Vilar Formoso) sous peine d’amende (entre 60 € et 300 €). Did you? We wanted to take the famous Tram 28 to get there, but it was super crowded even early in the morning, so we decided to take our favorite kind of transportation, our feet, and walked from Chiado to Alfama. En arrivant par le nord, depuis Zamora, Salamanque, Orense ou Vigo, plusieurs sites incontournables jalonneront votre route : le parc national Peneda-Gerês, le parc naturel de Montesinho et le parc naturel de Arribes del Duero. When you arrive in Lisbon you will face your first challenge, which is finding a parking spot! With Peninsular accommodations you can stay right in the city center with your car. If you have a little more budget, I would suggest to arrive in Lisbon, and quit from Porto, or vice versa, to avoid back and forth. J’y réponds dans les commentaires. Visiting the cave, we learned the making of porto, the difference between the categories of porto and, of course, we enjoyed the tasting. You can also order the number one ranked Portugal Travel Guide on Amazon so you will never miss a unique and beautiful restaurant, landmark or attraction during your travels. And, the last time I was actually self driving there my partner was a rally driver…can you imagine! Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site. The Elevador de Santa Justa is open every day between 7:30 and 23:00h (7:30-21:00 winter). Portugal Coast Road Trip – What Route to Take? I’m planning a short trip to Portugal in May and want to do Lisbon and Lagos. Comment ? – Surfboard and wetsuit education No, it wasn’t – As Rentalcars is such a company! Have a nice trip! Subscribe to the newsletter! With this student to instructor ratio, you can feel confident that you will receive a safe, high quality lesson. En fait, on peut voyager au Portugal toute l’année. This looks like a great route! Always make sure you double-check if your accommodation provides either free parking or parking nearby. • Ride the entire route as there is so much to see. Here’s my complete itinerary to visit Portugal, without a car! Dormir dans son véhicule, un camping-car, un fourgon ou un van aménagé est un moyen de visiter un pays en toute liberté, sans être obligé de s’emmurer tous les soirs dans une chambre d’hôtel. • Board at Martim Moniz (or Campo Ourique) as there is a better chance of getting a seat. • If standing, hang on very tight as the brakes are very sharp! I suspect he was behaving more like a local ! – Wave selection Will it be easy with kids ‘(we’ve done one monthe in germany with them last sumemr without any problem). There is nothing more satisfying than owning the ocean from your surfboard and it is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or even most of the day. N’hésitez pas à poser vos questions dans les commentaires. I agree! Finally, I had the option to just simply check all the international car rental dealers on one single website. L’été portugais est chaud et sec, voire torride dans le sud. If you want to meet new people., this is the place to be. It confirms much of our own planning for our trip later this month. Here you will find the city market that sells local products including fish, bread, meat and other goods. haha, sounds awesome! Experience the mountains of Monchique at the pace of a donkey, strolling the paths and walking along beautiful rivers or ascending to the top of Picota mountain, where you will be rewarded by a magnificent view over the Algarve. Oui oui nous avions une voiture! The church is spectacularly well-preserved despite being originally built-in 1719, but scars are still visible from the 1755 earthquake that rocked the town. They still talk about their visit to Zoomarine – it’s one of the only things they can remember (!) Try the fish and seafood dishes as they are the most popular and of course in combination with a good bottle of Port wine. I love road-tripping! I only recommend products I use and love. ViaMichelin offers route and distance calculations between towns, addresses and points of interest for 4 possible modes of transport: car / motorcycle / bike / pedestrian.. For car and motorcycle routes you can choose from the following variants: Michelin recommended: this route option focuses on safety, simplicity and minimising any risk of route errors. To be honest, we gave up and took a look from the outside. Hi Bianca! Great for couples or families with children! Le premier commentaire est modéré, ensuite je vous fais confiance. If you want a nice relaxing holiday, this is the place to be! I love Portugal and I’ve travelled around most of the country – though strangely not the Algarve, which is most popular with Brits. Nos 50 adresses préférées pour un voyage à Venise ! Voici l’itinéraire pour visiter le Portugal en 15 jours Jour 1 – Lisbonne. We are considering a 2-week roadtrip, but are unsure if it will be rushed or not. Ou bien restez dans le centre afin de visiter cette jolie petite ville, posez vos sacs à la Residencial Lagôas et profitez de sa très belle vue sur les toits. Also, it depends where you go. Pour avoir un camping-car, on vous recommande de passer par une plateforme de location de campings-car et de vans aménagés en ligne. Wow! But the hostel was also almost 40% cheaper compared to the other accommodations, therefore it is not a real problem if it fits your budget. Thanks for your help and lovely photos! Well… it depends if you are the beach type. Mais avec la technique que nous avons trouvé, vous pourrez faire votre itinéraire en seulement quelques heures ! Ultimate Car Hire Fuerteventura Guide – Avoid those TRICKY extra charges! Your No.1 Portugal Road Trip Itinerary Guide, Your No.1 Portugal Road Trip Itinerary Guide [ An Expert Point Of View! En apprendre plus{{/message}}, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Votre envoi semble avoir été traité. Du reste, le taux d’alcoolémie maximal est de 0,5 g/l, comme en France. I was completely charmed by the museum where you can spend hours listening to great musicians of this traditional Portuguese music. Le Portugal, c’est un pays magnifique à explorer en hors saison et encore plus en van ! Join him on the trip of a lifetime of 30,000 km through 41 countries in 6 months. I hope it helps! The line up to visit Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Torre de Bélem and to eat Pastéis de Bélem were monstrous. It offers a stunning view of Porto and the Douro river. A 6-Day San Francisco to Los Angeles Road Trip Itinerary, the number one ranked Portugal Travel Guide on Amazon. Hi there! It’s also a good way to get the better deal! Le montant dû apparaît sur place, sur un panneau dédié. Oubliez les guides de voyage! Thank you so much for sharing this Annie! I’m very happy that you enjoyed Portugal that much, the queue for the famous pasteis de Belem can be scary sometimes, if you do come back to Lisbon try to go early in the morning or late in the evening . Les aires de camping-car au Portugal : où stationner  ? Can be used as a discount when you book something in the store. If you decide to visit, make sure to use book « skip the line » ticket. Now this is one of the most popular hostels in Porto. Perchée dans les bois du beau Parc naturel de... Ma cabane dans les arbres au Pérou (+ surf et océan Pacifique). The Road Trip Guy Golden Tip: Do you know the old saying; I am sure you do. Cowabunga! Pour finaliser votre inscription, cliquez sur le lien dans l’email que nous venons de vous envoyer. L’hiver est aussi agréable pour visiter le Portugal en van aménagé. I really like your intierary, but I’m still debating between going to the Algarve and seeing the smaller towns (Obidos, Evora, Marvao, Monsanto etc.). 7 Best Adult Only Hotels In Gran Canaria – Reviewed In Small Details, The Historical Attractions of Lisbon, Portugal - C&C by Cedric Lizotte, Best Front And Rear Dash Cam of 2020 [ Best Bang For The Buck! The charming city center and active nightlife make Lagos one of the top tourist destinations and once you have visited the area it is easy to see why. Yes, the bookstore was even the inspiration for the harry potter books as the writer was staying in Porto when she was writing the first books. All part of the adventure, Carrie! The will discover hidden “scratches” when you return, take forever to return your deposit and you can forget about any fast roadside assistance when you cars breaks down. Some travelers just want to experience a city to its fullest. Je suis Annie. Pour améliorer ce message, veuillez contacter le développeur de cet outil de traitement de formulaires. There’s not much to do in the south except going to the beach. I heard good things about Prague too! Nobody likes to pay a lot of money on renting a car and getting ripped off by sleazy salesmen at the frontdesk. Il faut aussi savoir que c’est bien plus que des produits en liège, du porto et de la morue à chaque repas … Les lusitaniens sont accueillants, possèdent un littoral de folie et une cuisine délicieuse. Once you go inside you will see dozens of little shops offering a very broad selection of Portugal’s finest. I am seriously considering doing a road trip around Portugal and Spain very soon and can’t wait to do it. Un bonne alternative : l’Alfama Patio Hostel, très bien placé dans l’Alfama sur la ligne du tram 28. – Perfect locations for families and couples! Crystal clear blue skies, about 24 degrees and a great group of people ready to explore the country-side of Porto. Have a nice trip! We explored a remote area close to the Tejo River and the food was something out of a movie. We’ve been to a few of these places but separately, not on a single road trip. N'oubliez pas l'entretien de votre voiture ! Time and energy have been dedicated to finding the best surf instructors in Ericeira. It cost about  € 20 to € 30 per hour for a board and a suitable wetsuit. We have driven in Portugal and you’re right, the local driving isn’t the best. In Alfama (or should I say, in Europe), churches and cathedrals are everywhere! The viewing platform is an additional  €1.50 per person. Just enjoy the road, use common sense and you will be just fine! History comes alive in this city and there is no place better than Faro. Being one of the most affordable country to visit in Europe, it seduced me with its delicious food, its history, and its beaches. And the best part? If we travel by public transportation, what do we do about our luggage? A toute de suite ! This baroque style church was rebuilt and since has been lovingly maintained as a tourist attraction for those seeking historical attractions. If you’re interested in learning more about it, take a look at my Beginner’s Guide to Airbnb. Parmi les épisodes phares de l’histoire du Portugal, il faut également retenir la révolution des Œillets (Revolução dos Cravos) qui s’est déroulée le 25 avril 1974. En arrivant par le nord, depuis Zamora, Salamanque, Orense ou Vigo, plusieurs sites incontournables jalonneront votre route : le parc national Peneda-Gerês , le parc naturel de Montesinho et le parc naturel de Arribes … Salut, est-ce que vous disposiez d’une voiture pour ce voyage ? I don’t have kids myself so I didn’t focus on specific activities for them, but I’m sure you’ll find plenty! I did the 4-Hour Culinary Evening Walk with 8 other people. Arrived for dinner, we explored Bairro Alto, the festive neighbourhood of Lisbon, and the place to try fancy restaurants. Did you get there by train/bus? Hi Kevin! You have found the best surf school for group surf lessons. Thank you for your support! Happy travel! The perfect route for you and all of your friends. We’re looking at going on February and I’ thinking it may be a bit too chilly. Bonjour Milla, To be honest, yes it was quite difficult… we had to take 4 different bus to get from Obidos to Porto, but it’s doable. Même si la réponse du serveur est positive, il est possible que votre envoi n'ait pas été traité. To make sure you don't miss the latest news, our good deals and essential traffic updates. • Always be wary of pickpockets (please see section later on). We arrived in Lisbon after a direct flight from Montreal and took the subway to Chiado, where we rented a room on Airbnb. I’m pretty sure it’s chilly in February though. I have summed up the best food tours in Lisbon for you to enjoy. Hi Annie! Lors de votre parcours, visitez la vallée du Douro et la ville de Porto. I must say I had the most delicious salmon tartar ever. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Traveling by car gives you the opportunity to be in control of your own destiny and go where you choose to. I’ve been to both Lisbon & Porto but didn’t knkw about the Livreria Lello when I was in Porto- such a shame! Thanks! Pour améliorer ce message, veuillez contacter le développeur de cet outil de traitement de formulaires. Préparer son voyage au Portugal en Camping-Car. You will love Portugal! Officiellement, faire du camping sauvage est interdit au Portugal. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "ntmedia04-20";

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