Witnesses cited in Pakistan's official investigation said that the C-130 began to pitch "in an up-and-down motion" while flying low shortly after takeoff before going into a "near-vertical dive", exploding on impact, killing all on board. Wings/engines got cut of by the buildings early on, not the other way around. The crash came just days after Pakistan began allowing commercial flights to resume after a coronavirus lockdown. There is even an military Airport with a large, RWY-like, TWY the could use if they just had made an thoroughly Airport-Briefing in advance, and turned slightly to the left with the severly damaged A/C... By B738 capt on Tuesday, Jun 30th 2020 20:32Z. 2 ont survécu.. Le premier d'entre eux, Zafar Masud, par ailleurs président de la banque du Punjab, était assis à la place 1C. "Please follow Travel Advice for updates.". PIA était l’une des grandes compagnies aériennes mondiales jusqu’aux années 1970. No preliminary report has yet been published (and there is no indication or announcement as of current that the preliminary report will be published). Mais des années de pertes financières, de mauvaise gestion et de retards ont terni sa réputation. On ignore si la catastrophe a fait aussi des victimes au sol. La catastrophe survient quelques jours seulement après que le pays a autorisé la reprise des vols commerciaux internes. Both engines scrubbed the runway at high speed. J'ai défait ma ceinture de sécurité, j'ai vu de la lumière et j'ai essayé de marché jusqu'à elle. "La dernière fois que nous avons eu des nouvelles du pilote, il a indiqué qu'il avait un problème technique", a-t-il raconté dans une vidéo mise en ligne sur Twitter. C'est lui qui a été filmé en train d'être extirpé des débris après la catastrophe. There were many investigations into this crash but no satisfactory cause was ever found. Pakistanis across the country are preparing to celebrate the end of Ramadan, with many travelling back to their homes in cities and villages. Muhammad Zubair, the survivor of #planecrash #Karachi pic.twitter.com/9yqXC3SQmi. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was "shocked and saddened" by the crash, promising an immediate investigation. De très rares vols internationaux avaient été maintenus. By cub_flyer on Friday, Jun 26th 2020 12:47Z. And safer. Entre mars et novembre 2007, toute la flotte de PIA, sauf huit avions, avait été placée sur la liste noire de l’Union européenne. In 2010, an aircraft operated by private airline Airblue crashed near Islamabad, killing all 152 people on board - the deadliest air disaster in Pakistani history. Mr Mahmood only suffered broken bones and scratches, Geo TV reported. BTW: Has anyone read about what finally killed those 97 poor souls (and the 2 morons as well)? (l) The aircraft crashed about 1340 meters short from runway 25L. L'avion était un Airbus A320-214 immatriculé AP-BLD. Ground observers reported sparks from the aircraft when it touched the ground. All I could see was fire. The flight was later cleared at pilot’s discretion to report direct MAKLI (a waypoint 15 nautical miles at a radial of 075 from Karachi VOR) and descend to FL100, and later re-cleared for FL50. La compagnie Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) louait l'avion auprès de GE Capital Aviation Services depuis le 31 octobre 2014 [4].Il avait assez de carburant pour plus de deux heures et demie de vol [3]. A crisis occurs when the old is dying and new the has not yet been born... quoting by heart Antonio Gramsci. It was unclear whether any people on the ground or in buildings were injured or killed. On May 23rd 2020 Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority reported in a press conference that both black boxes (Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder) have been recovered. The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) jet went down in a heavily populated residential area just short of Karachi's main airport after the captain reported a loss of power in both engines, declared a mayday and made a second attempt to land after the first had failed. Only the most recent 30 comments are shown to reduce server load. The captain's last three words were 'Ya Allah', 'Ya Allah', 'Ya Allah'. A spokesman for Pakistan's national airline said: "The plane PK8303 with 99 passengers and eight crew members has crashed. The CVR recording was found to be of good quality and covered complete flight. Funeral. The aircraft lost height and impacted a residential area called Model Colony, featuring concrete multistorey buldings on second final approach east of the aerodrome (presumably while on final approach to runway 25L) and burst into flames at about 14:40L (09:40Z). By (anonymous) on Wednesday, Jul 1st 2020 16:41Z. At the time they were at approx 230kts, a bit above VLO RET 220/0.54 and well below VLE 280/0.67, By (anonymous) on Friday, Jun 26th 2020 19:54Z. No orbit was executed and the effort to intercept the glide slope and localizer (of ILS) was continued. 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Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) sources said the captain reported a technical fault and the plane disappeared from radar moments before it was due to land at Karachi's Jinnah International Airport, 24 News reported. Are you in Karachi? Most of PIA's planes were banned from flying within the European Union in 2007 due to safety concerns over its ageing fleet. The crew should have stopped the aircraft after it touched down with retracted landing gear and should not have gone around. Passenger Muhammad Zubair, who suffered only minor injuries, said that, when he came to, "I could hear screams from all directions. The aircraft left Chitral Airport at 15:30 PST and was expected to land at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad at around 16:40. Aviation authorities overseeing PIA need to do better. PIA, the country's flag carrier, had suspended international flights until May 31. 25 houses affected by the impact were cleared and their residents accomodated various places with the assistence of civil administration. What is devolution and how does it work across the UK? The APU air intake flap actuator was not in the “retracted” position, consistent with the APU not being used at the time of impact, ie not supplying electric power and bleed air pressure....FDR, CVR, EGPWS, QAR, FCDC, and ADIRU were transported to BEA under the personal custody of the investigator in-charge, on a special flight on 01 June 2020. CVR was damaged during post impact fire; therefore, its connecting cable (ie flex cable) and connector were burnt. 22 May . But it was not clear how many of the dead were passengers and how many residents on the ground. One, Muhammad Zubair, has been describing his ordeal, recalling how he lost consciousness then woke up to smoke and screaming. L’avion de la compagnie Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) s’est écrasé sur un groupe de maisons, alors qu’il approchait de l’aéroport de Karachi. Ram Air Turbine (RAT) was deployed to power the essential systems. There was no further communication from the aircraft. ", PIA spokesman Abdullah Khan added in a video statement: "The last we heard from the pilot was that he has some technical problem. Un avion de la PIA effectuant un vol intérieur s’était écrasé dans le nord montagneux du pays, tuant 47 personnes. "On lui a dit (...) que deux pistes étaient prêtes pour l'atterrissage, mais il a décidé de remettre les gaz. L'un de ses A300 était descendu prématurément vers l’aéroport de la capitale népalaise Katmandou et s’était écrasé sur une colline, tuant 167 personnes. An air traffic controller asks whether it is going to carry out a "belly landing", to which the pilot replies "mayday, mayday, mayday" - the final communication from the plane. He added: "I opened my seatbelt and saw some light - I went towards the light. Most likely the crew was not mentally prepared for a belly landing and went around when they realized the engines were scraping the runway.On May 26th 2020 it became known, the data module of the cockpit voice recorder has not been found so far, only the housing had been recovered. Staggering read, how can it all go so wrong on a flight deck? Abiy gives ‘ultimatum’ as Ethiopians flee fighting, Most powerful Atlantic hurricane of 2020 hits land, The football fans missing their 'happy place'. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Any concrete/brick structures 20-30cm thick are way more sturdy than thin aluminium structures. L’appareil en provenance de Lahore transportait 99 personnes (91 passagers et 8 membres d’équipage), a indiqué samedi un porte-parole de PIA, rectifiant un premier décompte qui faisait état de seulement 98 occupants. But if you look at it from fume events which sicken the public, buses seem to have a high number of fume events, whereas designs like the B747 seem to have very few. The crash happened at about 2.30pm local time on Friday before the start of Eid, the festival which marks the end of Ramadan fasting, this weekend. After the belly landing and go around, they almost had enough energy to complete a full circuit. On ground 04 persons were injured however 01 out of these reportedly expired later at a hospital....The crash site is located in a residential area northeast of JIAP. I understand the report says that the FDR stopped recording when they lost both engines....that sounds very strange, because FDR, as per design, will still work when infligh, with or without engines. The marks on the runway between 4500 feet and 7000 feet down the runway suggest the engines made contact with the runway surface, it is possible that the engines were damaged during that contact with the runway surface leading even to possibly fire.On May 24th 2020 a spokesman of the airline said, the landing gear had not been (partially or fully) lowered prior to the first touch down. The pilots of flight PK8303, an Airbus A320 carrying 91 passengers and eight crew, were attempting to land at the city's Jinnah International Airport. Également côté couloir. Livré en 2004, il avait été exploité par China Eastern Airlines jusqu'en 2014 sous l'immatriculation B-6017.

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