En parallèle, un méta-humain connu comme le Géomancien débarque sur Terre 1 et "Jay" est obligé d'utiliser une version améliorée et non-dangereuse du Velocity 6 pour en venir à bout. James Zolomon (père)Ashley Zolomon † (mère) Labs Teilchenbeschleunigers wurde Zoom von der Dunklen Materie erfasst und erlangte so Übermenschliche Geschwindigkeit. Weiter geht es mit The Flash ab dem 22. As with the powers of the woman bearing the title of Star Sapphire, the limitations of the Star Sapphire gem are also unclear. Diyah Pera/The CW. À cet instant, il deviendra le redoutable Black Flash, qui fera son apparition à plusieurs reprises par la suite. Bleibt beim Thema.3. It wasn’t because they were gullible. Employés Die Folge selbst stellte den Schurken gar nicht wirklich in den Mittelpunkt, doch gab es am Ende einen Schnitt zu Earth-2, der die Demaskierung von Zoom zeigte. Don’t trust this guy!’ has been Harry, who’s the one that none of them trusted,” Kreisberg says. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Antre de Zoom, Central City Caitlin, toujours amoureuse de lui, cherche à contacter son double de Terre 1 lorsqu'elle apprend que "Jay" va mourir suite à sa trop grande exposition au Velocity 6. [16] The Star Sapphire jumped hosts to Cowgirl and chased Jordan, carrying Ferris, through the city as he tried to tire her out, eventually knocking him into a "Honeymoon Hotel". Hunter, qui subissait une séance d'électrochocs sur une chaise électrique, a été exposé aux radiations et a obtenu des pouvoirs de super-vitesse. Lorsque Eliza Harmon meurt suite à son exposition au Velocity-9, la Team Flash se rend compte qu'elle a produit des éclairs bleus peu avant de succomber. She continues to serve as Star Sapphire after her first appearance, and eventually both falls in love with and enslaves the Green Lantern of Xanador. Zoom Créant un Reste du Temps pendant la course, Barry parvient à la fois à libérer Joe et à vaincre Zoom tandis que son Reste se sacrifie pour détruire le Magnetar et sauver tout le Multivers. Buy Fausse Identité - eBook at Walmart.com 2, #16 (October 1962). Métier(s) During the lost year, Cowgirl, Hal "Highball" Jordan, and Shane "Rocket-Man" Sellers were sent on an Air Force mission, on which Jordan, per usual, did not wear his Green Lantern ring. Zoom’s identity is finally revealed.". Hunter Zolomon had a troubled relationship with his parents, who rarely spoke to each other or to him. Palmer realizes that she is insane, and Loring is committed to Arkham Asylum. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. The Flash) gets his own CW treatment in this comic-themed spin-off. Wie genau die Hintergründe zu der Identität des Schurken aussehen, ist aktuell jedoch unklar. The love for her clann is so potent, Nol-Anj has been shown to have the ability to extend her violet powers to shatter green constructs and summon/control multiple members of the Braidmen across great distances. Lorsque l'accélérateur de particules de S.T.A.R. Arrow In the absence of the original Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), Team Flash looked to Hunter Zolomon (née Jay Garrick!) And here's where things get... interesting: "For us, it could only happen because of what happened last season. Doublé en VF par Dernière apparition as a leader, who helped to nurture everyone involved. The fourth child of a Texan rancher, Jillian enlisted to the United States Air Force after she turned nineteen. As the investigation continues, Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) is stabbed by the Shadow Thief, who wields the Shining Knight's enchanted sword, breaching his skin. She tells Palmer that she undertook the plan, which included faking the attempt on her own life, in order to bring Ray back into her life. Méta-humain Superman (the Justice League's official leader) and Batman were previously portrayed as the most commanding members of the team. Wiki ARROW France est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Télévision. Nach der Explosion des S.T.A.R. However, Jack Drake receives a note warning him of the impending attempt on his life, as well as a gun, both sent by an unknown party. It happens in a way that didn’t make them look stupid, that the reason he was able to manipulate them was because he was playing on their emotions. The fallen Sapphire's ring flies to Nol-Anj's cell, where it declares her eligible to become a Star Sapphire herself. The reveal isn't as clear-cut as one might think, since the shot alone reveals two versions of the character in one place (and fans will remember that there is yet another 'Jay Garrick' doppelganger residing on Earth-1 as Hunter Zolomon). Adresse If he didn't, his daughter, Jessie, would be killed. This means that all appearances of Wonder Woman in the early league, including the Secret Society story, are back in continuity. Tony Todd (voix de Zoom ; non crédité) With The Flash finally revealing the true identity of ZOOM, we break down the twist, the biggest problems it raises, and what comes next. März. Cowgirl yanked the steering wheel, sending the jeep into a tree and herself into a frozen lake, from which she was saved by Hal Jordan, whom she recognized beneath the mask. Approaching critical mass, Firestorm flies into the sky and explodes. 2, issue #41 (December 1965). [17], Jordan then told Ferris to attempt to remove the Star Sapphire from Cowgirl while he confronted the Zamarons. In the story, Ferris is injured testing out one of her new flying machines, and is brought to the hospital for treatment. The first version of the character appeared in All-Flash Comics #32 (Dec–Jan 1947) and Comic Cavalcade #29 (Oct–Nov 1948) and battled the Golden Age Flash. L'une de ses ambitions était de lui voler sa vitesse pour devenir encore plus puissant mais aussi pour se guérir du sérum Vélocité-6. Nol-Anj persuades Cossite that the ring's presence is proof that her love for him is true, and he readily opens the door and allows her to slip the ring onto her fingers and acquire its power. Something tells me Barry’s going to make good on that promise.”. For the episode of Superman: The Animated Series, see Superman (1996 TV Series) Episode: Identity Crisis. After becoming his mate, she kills him and encases their planet in violet crystal so that they will be together until the end of time. Durant les semaines suivantes, Harrison Wells (Terre 2) arrive à son tour sur Terre 1 afin d'affronter Zoom, qui a kidnappé sa fille, Jesse Quick. During the mission all three of their jets were shot down and the pilots taken as prisoners of war. Cependant, même sous cette identité, il détestait Harrison Wells dont il avait découvert qu'il était responsable de la création des méta-humains et considérait même que ce dernier était une personne étrange qui cachait beaucoup de choses, un aspect qu'il a continué de démontrer lorsqu'il était allié à la team Flash. Avant d'intégrer la team Flash, Zoom avait passé six mois à étudier le Flash de Terre 1 et a ainsi pu apprendre sa véritable identité en tant que Barry Allen ainsi que d'autres informations vitales sur lui. Barry est néanmoins sauvé par ses deux amis ainsi que par son homologue de Terre 2. Le scientifique accepte à contrecœur. Villains like Dr. Destiny and Brainwave who could easily discover the League's identities failed to do so, not because they didn't think of it, but that the League erased their memories when they did discover it. Relations Supergirl “But we wanted to go out on this run of episodes with a big reveal, just the same way we did at the end of episode 9 in season 1, where we revealed that Harrison Wells was the man in the yellow suit. She was in a coma following the mind-wipe, and was revived by her teammates in the Secret Society. Apprenant par Reverb l'expédition de Barry, Harry et Cisco, il retourne en vitesse sur Terre 2 et ordonne à Killer Frost et Deathstorm de retrouver le groupe. Nettoyé de tous soupçons auprès de Caitlin qui ne désespère pas à le soigner, "Jay" retourne auprès d'Harrison en tant que Zoom et celui-ci lui administre le peu de Speed Force qu'il a pu dérober à Barry. Barry, Cisco et Harry se rendent alors sur Terre 2. Rags Morales Par ailleurs, Zoom pensait aussi que la famille fragilise. He singles out Darnell, condemns her, and transforms her into a star sapphire and shatters her, killing her. Green Lantern!, which ran in Showcase vol. 1, issue #0 (March 2009) lists her as a prominent member of the newly formed Star Sapphires. ]-After spending over half a season wondering … She is equipped with an arsenal of weapons, including a replicate Zamaron star sapphire, of unknown origin. Au même moment, Docteur Light indique à Zoom qu'elle a vaincu Flash mais Zoom découvre qu'il s'agit d'une supercherie et capture l'alter-ego de la criminelle : Linda Park. Espèce Il insiste par la suite pour ne plus en reprendre et conseille vivement à l'équipe de ne pas laisser Barry s'administrer cette drogue. Star Sapphire is the name of several fictional supervillainesses characters in DC Comics; many of them are villainous, and all connected in origin.Within DC continuity, an immortal race of warrior women (the Zamarons) were depicted as having the ancient tradition of choosing physically identical mortals from across the cosmos to serve as the host body for their queen. Se sentant trahi mais souhaitant plus que tout arrêter Zoom, Barry retourne dans le passé afin qu'Eobard Thawne lui donne la solution pour être plus rapide. Now it seems to have reverted back so that virtually every hero in the JLA knows who they actually are. Obsédé par l'idée d'être l'Homme le plus rapide de tout les temps, il a affronté d'autres supersoniques souvent venus d'univers parallèles et a même cherché à augmenter sa vitesse artificiellement grâce au sérum Velocity 6. [9] This presumably leaves her encased in crystal during the events currently enfolding in Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. Néanmoins, Zoom avait été suffisamment distrait pour que la team Flash puisse l'attaquer, bien que cela a culminé avec le kidnapping de Joe West par Zoom lui-même. As Star Sapphire, Darnell can use her gem of power to fly and to hurl blasts of force nearly equal to the power of a Green Lantern's ring. Sexe DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Before they can discover whether it was Palmer or someone using his technology, Palmer learns that his estranged wife, Jean Loring, is aware of the note sent to Jack Drake (knowledge of which had been kept secret). Cependant, en dépit de son opposition à Flash, Hunter était convaincu qu'ils se ressemblaient beaucoup et a même prétendu plusieurs fois qu'ils étaient la même personne, principalement en raison de la perte similaire de leurs mères respectives et de leur capacité acquise de la force véloce. His father was a serial killer who had killed six young girls, and when his mother told the police, he murdered her, and was subsequently killed by the police after refusing to give up. As he attempted to heal her with his power ring numerous bounty hunters attacked him, until John Stewart, undercover as Hunger Dog, "captured" him and deposited Cowgirl in a hospital. Lorsqu'une singularité est apparue dans le ciel, Hunter découvre avec étonnement l'existence d'un autre monde, Terre 1, mais également d'un autre supersonique connu lui aussi comme Flash. Not clearly defined as superheroes or supervillains, the Star Sapphires debuted as a corps in Green Lantern vol. “Part of the reason he was able to do that was because there was a hole in the center of their group, and he knew that. A new villainous Star Sapphire debuted in Green Lantern Vol 5 #21 (August 2013). [12] When he made it to the crash site and nearby camp there was no sign of her, the terrorists having immediately taken off with her in a jeep when they realized the Green Lantern was coming. ), In this case, letting the past color their future actually worked against them. The murderer next tries to hang Jean Loring, the ex-wife of the Atom. Star Sapphire is the name of several fictional supervillainesses characters in DC Comics; many of them are villainous, and all connected in origin. enfant Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) reveals to the Flash (Wally West) that Batman had walked in on the heroes while Zatanna was performing the mind-wipe of Doctor Light. See, The first Fiddler was debuted by Robert Kanigher and Lee Elias. She is given the queen's symbolic weapon: a crystal resembling an actual star sapphire that grants the user powers similar to the power ring of Green Lanterns.[1]. Une fois qu'il a volé la vitesse de Flash, rendant Central City vulnérable aux criminels méta-humains, il rassemble un grand nombre de métas issus de Terre 2 en plus des métas de Terre 1 et assiège la ville. Yes, Jay Garrick had apparently been killed, with Zoom finally unmasking himself and revealing the face beneath to be that of... Jay Garrick. To make sure that fans who were sent spinning, confused, or just unclear about the episode's twist can ask the right questions, we're going to break down the big reveal, Kreisberg's complete explanation, and the new questions that will likely carry The Flash to its second season finale. 4 #20 (July 2007). D'abord réticent à accepter l'aide de ce nouvel allié, Barry Allen (alias Flash) approuve l'idée quand Patty Spivot est enlevée par Sand Demon, venu lui aussi de Terre 2. La Team Flash en profite pour quitter Terre 2 en emportant avec eux Jesse mais pas Jay, par manque de temps. Though she was able to do so, the stone immobilized both her and Cowgirl while the Zamarons gained the upper hand over Jordan. Il avait même développé une soif de sang qui l'a amené à commettre plus d'une vingtaine de meurtres avant qu'il n'ait été arrêté et envoyé dans un asile psychiatrique. Over time, she uses her wiles to beguile her guard, a Green Lantern named Cossite, and he falls in love with her. You have been warned. Jeder hat das Recht auf eine eigene Meinung. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. By Andrew Dyce Feb 24, 2016. Bolt is seriously injured in a shootout by two thugs transporting Lex Luthor's battlesuit. But after "King Shark" picked up where the last episode's cliffhanger left the audience, the villain known as Zoom was actually unmasked. With The Office of Historical Corrections, Evans zooms in on particular moments and relationships in her characters’ lives in a way that allows them to speak to larger issues of race, culture, and history. Hunter, furieux d'avoir été dupé par l'un de ses propres stratagèmes, reste néanmoins optimiste car il sait que Barry ne le tuera pas. Seid nett zueinander.2. Lorsqu'il avait huit ans, son père revient au domicile familiale après la Guerre des Amériques mais il a développé une certaine violence qui le pousse à assassiner sa femme sous les yeux de son fils. Pour prouver à son ennemi qu'ils ne sont pas si différents, Hunter enlève Henry Allen et le tue sous les yeux de son fils. Sound familiar? Celui-ci est transformé en un être zombifié dont le costume prend des teintes rougeâtres avant d'être emmené contre son gré dans la Speed Force par les Spectres du Temps. Traumatisme psychologiqueVelocity 6 The Zamarons arrive to meet Jordan and explain that Dela Pharon (from the planet Xanador) is the woman that Ferris is fighting. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The-Flash-Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg hat mittlerweile in einem Interview bestätigt, dass es sich bei Zoom um unter Hunter Zolomon a.k.a Jay Garrick handelt. The FlashHarrison WellsCaitlin SnowCisco RamonHenry Allen Hunter a prétendu ne pas être capable de créer des mirages de vitesse, mais cela reste néanmoins à confirmer. She argues that she sent the note and gun in order for him to protect himself and survive the attack. ), who apparently arrived on Earth-1 with no powers, be zipping back and forth through the universes, or even be stabbing himself in the chest like we saw last week?! Jordan covered Ferris with a Green Lantern "suit" and the two did battle, with Jordan finally pinning Cowgirl under a car and prying the Sapphire off of her. Ayant besoin de Barry vivant, Zoom tue Reverb et Deathstorm quand ceux-ci cherchent à tuer le justicier. The Flash finally unveiled Zoom’s identity during Tuesday’s episode, likely leaving fans shocked and confused. A microscopic scan of Dibny's brain shockingly reveals two tiny footprints as the cause of the infarction. Afin d'évaluer le potentiel de son adversaire, il envoie contre lui un autre méta-humain originaire de Terre 2 : Al Rothstein / Atom Smasher, qui est vite vaincu par Flash. Guide des épisodes de la série télé Flash et liste des saisons : Résumé, trailer VO en streaming, dates de diffusion (aux USA, à la télé et sur netflix). Jay’s one charming, smooth guy and he was able to manipulate them in that way.”, The question remains: Who is the man in the iron mask, who tapped out the message “Jay” to Barry and Jesse (Violett Beane)? It is shown that Ferris is being lured off by the Star Sapphire gem, and upon finding it she once again takes on the mantle of Star Sapphire. C'est une référence au psychopathe cannibale de fiction nommé Hannibal Lecter qui, dans les romans et les films, porte une muselière semblable. Jordan and Jillian felt a romantic attraction to each other, and eventually realize that they have a lot in common.[11]. Après que son identité en tant que Zoom ait été établie par les protagonistes, Hunter a même été déstabilisé lorsque cette dernière a répété la phrase "tu es monstre" que sa mère avait jadis lâchée à son père, peu avant d'être tuée. Une vision ressentie par Cisco confirme cette thèse. He defeats Pharon and returns with Ferris to Earth without her retaining any knowledge of the events that transpired.[8]. Credit: Recognizing the attack provokes Ferris to become Star Sapphire again and defend herself. She also has a variety of personal powers, though whether they stem from herself or her personal armament is unclear. Première apparition Just 24 hours after being re-activated, Cowgirl was sent on a mission alongside pilots "Sugarsnap" and "Whims" to take down the same group of terrorists that took her captive. "We knew there’d be a fair amount of the audience who would know who Jay Garrick was and would take the character and anything he said at face value because of his past history. Ce n'est pas la seule référence : ce personnage dont. Ready for it? Il est obligé de prendre la fuite lorsque Cisco Ramon lui administre un sérum censé stopper ses pouvoirs. (Palmer's technology grants him the ability to shrink himself to subatomic size). Enfin, Zoom a ramené son adversaire déchu à S.T.A.R. Bien que le casque ailé soit une idée d'Hunter Zolomon, le véritable Jay Garrick le garda car l'objet était devenu synonyme d'espoir. Aux alentours de Noël, Hunter endosse à nouveau le costume de Zoom pour proposer un marché à Harrison Wells. Identity Crisis is a 2004 storyline written by Brad Meltzer with art by Rags Morales. As postulated in one of our many (many, many, seriously many, many) theory stories, Jay seemed like a likely candidate to be Zoom after the reveal that his Earth-1 doppelgänger was actually Hunter Zolomon, the alter-ego of Zoom in the comics. Ceci est démontré puisque lorsqu'il était face à l'hologramme de Caitlin, le super-vilain a refusé de prendre en compte ses excuses pour l'avoir quitté et l'aurait certainement tué s'il avait été face à la véritable Caitlin.       For the episode of Superman: The Animated Series, see Superman (1996 TV Series) Episode: Identity Crisis. En parallèle, Hunter a entamé une carrière de justicier sous le nom de Jay Garrick, alias The Flash, identité qu'il a dérobée à un supersonique originaire de Terre 3. Doctor Light's previous ineffectualness was not due to his own foolishness, but rather, because of the effects of the JLA's attempt to alter his personality. Needless to say, MASSIVE SPOILERS lie ahead. Finally, a hit is arranged by Captain Boomerang on Jack Drake, the father of Robin (Tim Drake). Meanwhile, Zoom played his biggest card in secret: send Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) to infiltrate Barry's team, and concoct a means to steal the alternate Flash's speed. Previously, it was determined that in the post-Crisis DCU, only a handful of other heroes knew the secret identity of Batman and Superman (or in the case of Superman, that he had a secret identity at all). C'est durant cette période qu'il aurait soi-disant visité la cité d'Atlantis où vivrait l'un de ses meilleurs amis. Néanmoins, les deux hommes sont obligés de collaborer pour mettre fin aux agissements de Docteur Light, une autre méta-humaine envoyée par Zoom. Ce détail leur rappelant à la fois l'énergie bleue dégagée par Zoom et la maladie de Jay, les membres de l'équipe commencent à soupçonner leur ami visiblement décédé d'être le criminel méta-humain. Hunter Zolomon est l'un des antagonistes principaux de la série Flash, étant l'antagoniste principal de la saison 2. But… but… how?! When Batman tried to prevent them from doing so, he was mind-wiped as well. Dela Pharon was introduced as the third woman to hold the position of Star Sapphire in Green Lantern vol. Saison 1À deux c'est mieux (mentionné) All three skip the sessions, deciding instead to get together at Pancho's, the station bar, and work through it. Il est interprêté par Teddy Sears. EP Andrew Kreisberg breaks down shocking twist. Enfin, Hunter avait un certain goût pour l'humour noir et l'ironie puisque pour essayer de prouver que Barry et lui étaient les mêmes, il a ramené et tué son père dans la même pièce que celle où sa mère a été tuée par Eobard Thawne. Né sur Terre 2, Hunter Zolomon est le fils de James et Ashley Zolomon. Il emmène ensuite Barry dans sa prison où sont également enfermés Jesse et le Jay Garrick venu de Terre-3 (dont la team Flash ignore encore l'identité). Neben den Geheimnissen um Zoom soll dann auch der Mann in der eisernen Maske stärker in den Mittelpunkt rücken. “Zoom’s identity has been revealed: He is Hunter Zolomon, a.k.a Jay Garrick,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells EW. Il a alors décidé d'infiltrer l'équipe des justiciers, toujours sous l'identité de Jay Garrick, et les a ainsi aidé durant plusieurs mois, ayant notamment appris Barry à maîtriser les éclairs, une compétence que le supersonique a même tenté d'utiliser contre Zoom lors de leur premier affrontement. Despite calling the vast nothingness of the Canadian prairies home (or perhaps because of it) film and television have been a passion since birth. Remoni-Notra, of the planet Pandina, was chosen by the Zamarons to be their queen, an honor previously bequeathed upon Earth's Carol Ferris, but refused. Néanmoins, Barry refait surface, bien vivant, et met rapidement fin au court règne de Hunter. Barry swore he wasn’t going to leave him behind. So, the question remains: have they finally answered every question, or none of them? Later, in Infinite Crisis #6, several magic-users assemble at Stonehenge and summon the Spectre. A later retcon connected her with the Zamaron Star Sapphires, explaining that she had been chosen as Queen of the Zamarons, but had proved unworthy, hence her banishment to the 7th dimension. Using her powers, she came to Earth to locate and steal Carol Ferris' gem and joined the Secret Society of Super Villains as the new Star Sapphire in hopes of finding a clue to the gem. SPOILER immer mit Spoilertag: Vader ist Lukes Vater. Avant de partir, Hunter souhaite tuer son ennemi mais les paroles de Caitlin le ramènent à la raison et il préfère fuir avec elle. He became a friend and mentor to Barry. As Prixiam, she serves similarly as would a queen. https://arrow.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Hunter_Zolomon_(Terre_2)?oldid=77736. Green Arrow and Hawkman's mutual antagonism, which was originally rooted solely in their differing political philosophies, is revealed to have come about from their opposing opinions of what should have been done to Dr. Light and the minor altercation they had because of it.

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