This was actually so good, but I couldn't stop thinking that there was something missing. This thriller is a layered one, with secrets and tragedies. August 4th 2020 Despite his ability I was questioning Hill’s ability to play a lead in a drama but after watching the film I think that Hill’s performance is the best in the film and I would like to see him take another lead in a drama film. I guess they were leaving it up to the audience on whether or not James Franco's Chris killed his family or not, for those who knew nothing of the case or read the book because…they failed to really focus on the grisly murdered family. All the smaller parts are very well-acted from a solid script with smart, unobtrusive direction. Slightly more impressed than I thought I be. The story isn’t too good to be true, but rather too true to be good. The writing, however, lags behind at places. Did the lead character, who the story is based on, really have no one to defend him; and perhaps, this trial should have been a miss-trial. We’d love your help. Maybe the dialogue which was not so strong. Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. The scenes between the two actors are wonderful and are never boring, and the movie only falls down a bit in the end at the accused killer’s trial when reality has to intrude. If we never find out all the whys we'd love to understand, that's because this is a true story, and life just doesn't answer all the questions that screenwriters of fiction can pen. It is not long before Longo makes contact, from jail, with the real Mike Finkel. He says that he is trying to protect somebody, and I wonder if this other person could be his split personality, as there was a quick mention of insanity in this story. True Story is a courtroom/prison drama which could have a bogged down story. It was all just a story these two idiot boys made up to look cool. The events depicted in this film took place in Minnesota in 1987. Interesting and contemporary. But what happens in that room isn't as convincing as might be expected from these actors. Mercifully, the strange, but severely underdeveloped relationship between the men, kept me intrigued. 'TRUE STORY': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five). A timely story about male privilege, he said/she said, misunderstandings and who controls the narrative. A memorable indie style true crime drama. 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It's a genre-bending novel that gives me absolutely everything I need in a book. This thriller is a layered one, with secrets and tragedies. These words are spoken by Christian Longo, the man accused of brutally murdering his wife and 3 kids in 2001. Lire la critique de True Story. Twitter. While I praise True Story for its uniqueness and its message, it really isn't the full package for me. We want to hear from you! I did not see that coming. Is it conceivable that a person could kill in the thick of a switch over from one personality to another? And then part two is a total horror flick. He was found not long after in Mexico, he was claiming to be New York Times journalist Michael Finkel. Rupert Goold present a film that will have you thinking for days. James Franco is also known to dabble in both comedy and drama and his performance as Christian Longo is strong. The scene in which she slices through the character insulation that Longo has built up around himself is a beautiful show of pure indignation. Want more Rolling Stone? I actually almost didn't go to the theater to see it. –Alex Springer. The elusive bird of truth flies with intriguing, if wavering, purpose in this so-called True Story. Proof gimmicks always make me nervous – this one has four covers. true story is pretty good especially on the part of Jonah Hill and James Franco who deliver excellent performances. The narrative then follows her - and a guy, Nick (who was at the party but not directly involved) in the immediate aftermath and then 8 years after the incident. Maybe that was the point, but $%&@! It’s as good as any work I’ve seen in a film in 2015, and True Story is one of the better movies to come along this year. I had been looking forward to True Story since I first saw the trailer in December. While the movie sometimes seems like faux Fincher, the symbiotic acting, artful imagery and punchline ending turn True Story into credible entertainment. We don't get the pay-off we think is coming after all the build-up, Don't trust the reviews - this is a must see. All of which doesn't obscure the fact that the material has been done before, important as it is. He isn't. true story is pretty good especially on the part of Jonah Hill and James Franco who deliver excellent performances. The proof had 4 possible covers, each of which I disliked, but I was intrigued by the concept of the novel not fitting into one genre. The story in itself is quite interesting, a murder taking on the identity of a writer which leads to the two interacting and trying to determine the motive behind such a weird act. I can't wait to see what this author does next! Finkel is naturally curious but also smells a story that could put his career back on track. True Story is a strong movie. Refresh and try again. It's about the slippery slope between fact and fiction mixed with mystery and great acting. Structurally, this follows a 'found footage' template with film scripts, college applications, and a postmodern sleight-of-hand at the end. For further details, watch the movie. Based on actual events, Finkel’s relentless pursuit of Longo’s true story encompasses murder, love, deceit, and. As they narrate their story in a fever-dream like state, the unreliability of it all seems so obvious. To use sexual assault as the subject of the rumor and then have it not even be true just feels really careless to me and hurtful. True Story is a genre-defying novel most appropriately described as literary crime and is also Kate Reed Petty’s gripping feminist debut, and I can't help but feel we will be hearing a lot more about her in the future. True Story is a courtroom/prison drama which could have a bogged down story. True Story: Jonah And Felicity Talk In The Library, True Story: The Truth Behind True Story (Featurette), True Story: Jonah Talks To James In Prison, True Story: Who Is Christian Longo? WhatsApp. It truly is a film that redefines mediocre and average. I hate wasting my time on movies like this. I loved the first half. I just bumped into this film on HBO. It is based on themes of abuse and survival, broken friendships and memories that will haunt these characters forever. Interesting. While the story line seems like a hit: man is accused of murdering his wife and three kids - but he's innocent, maybe, and a disgraced New York Times reporter is hot on the trail, the movie itself is a miss. The movie does an outstanding job of showing how, in defiance of the intense pressure that was being applied to both men to end their communications, the friendship evolves. | [The book is about a alleged sexual assault that took place while Alice was passed out drunk in the back of a car. by Viking. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Nick and Alice, with a history that dates back to high school, are now adults with advanced psychological issues and a shit-load of trauma. The film really builds up tension well throughout the film but the ending occurs a little too sharply for my liking and really doesn’t have the huge climax that I was expecting. I liked the film up until about halfway through when it became clear that absolutely nothing was going to happen. Find a complete guide to TV and movie titles heading to Blu-ray and DVD... Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. Some praises also need to be sung about Felicity Jones, who plays Finkel's quietly badass fiancée Jill. James Franco and Jonah Hill together in a movie that is not a comedy. Based on a non-fiction account by one of its subjects, real-life journalist Michael Finkel, the movie “True Story” spends much of its 90 minutes trying to figure out just what it is. Jones was following up a Oscar-nominated breakout performance in The Theory of Everything and she was recently cast as the lead in the first Star Wars Anthology film so this young actress looks like an up-and-comer but just didn’t get enough screen time to really shine. "True Story" is an adaptation of a book in which the author tries desperately to make himself interesting. Now, 13 years later he apparently is still on death row. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. What is going on here? I almost considered waiting for the DVD (or Digital HD rather, Ha) release. The two lacrosse players - Richard and Max - tell a story about how they assaulted her while she was passed out and once this story goes public they quickly deny it. Franco, especially in those close-ups in the prison interview room, mesmerizes just as Longo must have done in reality. It seems that he was using Finkel's identity when he was captured in Mexico. These two actors deftly play out their characters' battle for psychological dominance—Hill makes us feel Finkel's inner turmoil, and Franco's cool detachment is both alienating and alluring. There are also tons of artsy shots throughout the movie that were made for nothing more than to purposely consume screen time with nonsense that's irrelevant to telling a good story. Ick. The terse chemistry between Finkel and Longo is gripping to watch—it's never quite clear who is using whom until the film's final moments. True Story is entirely underwhelming. The story, as is, is quite captivating and really gets you hooked in, but it is so poorly told and then just kind of...ends that the movie never rises above being just something you spent an hour and a half watching. Saw True Story (film) starring Jonah Hill, James Franco, and Felicity Jones at Regal Cinemas last night! Vu que le titre du film, c'est True Story, il est préférable de croire à cette histoire. While Finkel was getting fired from a writing gig at the New York Times for fabricating details about a cover story, Longo had murdered his family and fled the country. Looks stupid but turned out to be smart and so deceiving. Franco’s distancing routine helps sink True Story, an already turgid and tone-deaf adaptation of a self-serving memoir by a disgraced New York Times reporter (played by two-time Oscar nominee Jonah Hill) who bonds with a murderer he’s trying to exploit. I kept waiting for some plot bomb to drop and make me actually start to care about the plot or characters but it never came. 4 easy2fly Un assassin au-dessus de personne "Aurez-vous le courage d'y croire ?" I feel this movie should have included a psychiatrist to have at least explored this option. True Story is based on the novel by Mike Finkel recounting his relationship with Christian Longo(James Franco), a man accused of murdering his wife and three children. A good career move with both actors. True History of the Kelly Gang review – brutal portrait of the outback outlaw 4 / 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars. It's a crime/mystery 'thriller' (labeling this a thriller is questionable) that plays out just as you would expect. Christian Longo is mysterious enough that if James Franco had given the role 100% effort I think it could’ve resulted in a Oscar nomination. I can't help but think how horribly this hurts anyone who was ever a victim of sexual assault. It seems Longo, while on the run in Mexico, had adapted Finkel’s identity as a way to elude FBI capture. One driving and one who cozies up to you in the back seat. All of which doesn't obscure the fact that the material has been done before, important as it is.

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