Only recommended for experienced surfers because it is a powerful and fast wave that breaks over a reef bottom. Then again, there are the laws and then there is the real life. The camper was well equipped and clean. Works best with N swell and Sh quadrant wind of. We ended up in Figuera da Foz. We´re in Lisbon, 10 minutes from the Airport, and 15 minutes from 4 Surf spots. Presents an extensive beach with several breaks for different levels of surfing. Lowcost, big, reliable, comfortable, it’s exactly what you need if you’re looking value for money. Btw, this is how waking up south of Porto Covo looks like and how I caught a super small shorebreak at Beliche near Sagres: Finally we again pointed our camper van towards north Portugal. Information on this is always vague, whichever country I check it’s the same, some people say yes, some people say no, samo people call the others stupid etc:). Best season for camper van travel is out of the main season. The forecast has been promising sizable waves arriving together with super strong winds and since the plan from the beginning was to also check the south it was time to go. Last day I made a sketchy paddle out at Buarcos and caught a few waves there before it got dark, it wasn’t really working as I imagine it can, but they say it’s a fickle spot that no one I’ve talked to really got good, and they live in Portugal. When the weather normalized we were back on the hunt, this time aiming at spots around Porto Covo but even though there was no wind, the sea had that morning sickness to it and with not that small waves we wanted something cleaner. The best conditions occur during the NW swell and E quadrant winds. Thirsty, hungry, sleepy…not a problem, you can do it right there, in front of the wave, not missing anything. It’s a beach break with has several breaks that can handle large swells in. Therefore it’s a beach that gathers a large number of surfers and ruled by a very cool atmosphere. BED KIT for 2 – (2 pillows, 1 cover and 1 bed sheet), Towel kit (1 bath towel and 1 face towel), "Our first experience with a campervan and definitely not the last. Keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click on some of the links on this website and make purchases. Chilling on the bed in your van looking at the waves through opened doors after the surf is the best thing ever. You can even take your pet on the trip! However, it´s entirely at your own risk. YES, but only with ULTRA insurance additional protection. We had a wonderful time in Portugal. We also provide a Pick-up and Drop-off service in: Each Camper van also has a DRIVERS MANUAL, with information about the Camper van and the procedures do adopt. It is a high quality right-hander only for experienced surfers hungry for tubes, because it breaks over a reef bottom. You will always beat the crowds, even at non surfing locations. Sun, surf, sand and golden sunsets, welcome to Europe’s west coast, Portugal, the most welcoming country in Europe. What we liked of this campervan is that it is so complete. Since I am a camper van rookie most of these will be obvious to people that did it already, but if you have never rented or used a camper van in your life, they will make your life easier :). These roads are clearly marked and you probably won’t find them driving along the coast unless you go far up north. Our mission is to give you the most unforgettable road trip experience through our beautiful country. Reserve our Surf Trip pack and you’ll get them all at once! During a week in summer welcomes thousands of people gather for a music festival. By being a sheltered spot, it is the spot chosen by local surfers when all other spots around are too big or stormy. Holds more than 3 meters with a W swell and wind from the E quadrant. Despite being the only left hander in Ericeira region, in its best days is one of the best waves in Portugal. It’s like owning a beach house at every surf spot, you come out of the water and you are home. Water tank is big enough to be autonomous for several days! Works best with a swell from SW and N or NE wind. Personal higiene can drop a bit hehe and trash quickly starts piling up and taking space. – At our OFFICE, in Lisbon less than 10 minutes from Lisbon Airport; The first thing to do, apart from keeping calm, is to contact us. This beach has the distinction of having the hottest water in the region! 20 days prior to the deliver of the campervan, you must pay the remaining value of the rental: By bank transfer. Here Are The Expenses To Know About, The Ultimate Camper Van Guide for Van Travel Beginners, #31: It’s Crazy, but the Offshores Continue, Where to Rent a Camper Van in Portugal and Why Atlantic Coast Campers, 10 Best Things About a Surf Trip With a Van, 13 Worst Things About a Surf Trip With a Van, This Is How We Did It – From Figuera Da Foz in the North to Sagres Down South, check the Sicily surf trip for the second one, Board Blog: Windswell Surf Chasing in the Mediterranean Sea. Why this intro to our trip? With credit card, paying 50% (administrative costs may apply) of the rental cost. We booked our campervan and the staff was very helpful from the beginning. The best conditions occur during low tide with a SW, W swell and NE, E wind. Any adult over 21 years old, holding a valid driving license for more than 2 years. It is undoubtedly the best known surf break in Portugal with international reputation, where is held annually the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. The rental price is very good. Even with tiny waves coming from the north and long straight beach the two hour session was a 4h paddling workout haha… we had to paddle non stop to stay on the peak. Best conditions occur when N swell and SE, S wind. Pedro (the owner) is a great guy and very very knowledgeable when it comes to surfing in Portugal. Have you noticed how when you go on vacations first few days go kind of slowly, you still have your whole time off ahead of you, and then suddenly it starts flying and it’s over? You will constantly be moving things, loosing things and searching for things. The name says it all! The warm water spot south of Sines was way to small, but once we arrived to Arrifana the waves were pumping and we had a couple of sick sessions there. I suggest this one –. Having the ability to just turn on the engine and go someplace new is an unlimited potential source of new info for your brain. The best conditions occur with big NW swell and winds from E quadrant. Bathroom with hot water shower to take the salt off your body, air conditioning, fridge with freezer, stove, table, chairs and everything you need to make the most of your vacations in Portugal. It’s not all Mexican blankets, ambient light bulbs, spices in wall mounted flower pots and good looking girls in bikinis stretching on the bed while looking out at waves from the opened back doors of the van. The electronic toll reader costs €12.5 and is not included in the price because it will only be charged if you use it; The van isn’t clean on the inside and outside adds a €65 fee; The gas tank is not full adds a fee of €35 plus the fuel difference; The chemical toilet isn’t delivered clean and without any traces of use. It is one of the most famous beaches for Portuguese surfers, home of the largest surf and kite event in Portugal – Ocean Spirit. The parking, outside our office, is free. It is one of several spots in Sagres but one that deserves more attention because it offers good waves with more consistency. It is a difficult beach to reach. This is why for a child time moves so slow, everything he sees, hears, tastes, touches…is new. – Cities of Faro or Porto. Thanks for contributing to an amazing experience. We had one of the best session of the trip :)?! Jumping up and down every other day is exhausting and also expensive. Even though the majority of the coastline faces west there is also plenty of protected beaches and beaches facing other directions. It is also one of the most popular beaches in the southern region where some championships take place, including a WQS event. By providing the best service, filling up our client’s needs, operating with a modern fleet, planning your holidays to every detail and last, but by no means least, make sure you don´t miss any bit of this amazing country. In the main season all the parking spots are full, there are people everywhere, cars are everywhere, if camping at some place is illegal the cops will be more touchy about it when there are lots of people, when places get empty no one cares anymore where you park and sleep. But when you go on a surf trip there is no doubt what comes first and what is on center stage. You can also check my IG story highlights from the trip to get the idea how the Sardinha and van life looks like. However, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons. There were two storms going over the country in the second week that we were there. One for the things I like when it comes to van life and one for the things I hate. Especially if you go out of the main season, you will be fine. Both cities have airports, with Lisbon’s being … Why? Ericeira Surf Camp & Surf School just 5 minutes away. We did buy drinking water in supermarkets, maybe the gas station water is good as well. You can be conditioning another customer rental period. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Dolomiti Paganella Bike Check: MTB Gem Under the Brenta Dolomites, Sella Ronda On A Mountainbike – Chasing Trails, Views & Lifts, MTB Spot Check: Dolomites (Arabba, Canazei, Val Gardena, Corvara). With the recent #vanlife craziness it seems that taking a van surf trip is the best thing since sliced bread. He is the one that is not there :). Usually has crowd only during the summer months. But it was fun. It is a spot that although short, can handle big swell and where important Bodyboard Championships take place. It is one of alternative spots during the Rip Curl Pro Portugal because it’s more exposed to swells from the North Atlantic. If you’re planning a long-term journey, the 4 seats Renault Master. Actually it’s none of it. E: Ideal conditions occur in NW, W swell and E wind. Sun, surf, sand and golden sunsets, welcome to Europe’s west coast, Portugal, the most welcoming country in Europe. OK, that would probably not have happened :) but this time we had no choice. Camper van is always way more comfortable if it is not full. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced. When the swell started dropping it was again time to move. Ideal for all levels of surfing but in its best days could be an interesting playground for the more experienced. The tide dropped a bit and the foam burgers on the outside turned into sick gray walls. The water was freezing!! Makes picking the best time to surf a piece of cake. This means that no matter what the weather throws at you, you can find something to surf. Not going to Indo was forgotten in a moment and the organization wheels started turning. Or actually, most of these are also general tips that apply to van travel anywhere. Probably the heaviest and most difficult wave to surf in Portugal for being too quick, hollow and powerful. Pick up and drop off at Lisbon airport is also possible with an additional fee of €20. And then there is the third option where the system records your licence plates and you have to pay for the highway use at a post office in 15 days. You know, foggy, drizzle, gray muddy water and waves spilling one over another. Rent one of our campers and enjoy all the freedom in the world, with no schedules, without being tied to any place and routine. We didn’t have the best surf conditions when we were in Portugal. If someone gets on your nerves it will escalate in a van, it’s like a boat, nowhere to go. So we had one XXS clean session and one medium sized blown out one. It is one of the prettiest beaches in the Alentejo region with some breaks along the each which offers good rights and lefts in a sand bottom. All equipped and with all the convenience you need, inside you’ll find everything you need for maximum comfort and well-being. The option to be at the best spot, all you have to do is go, can get tiring sometimes. I have always kind of felt this is the ultimate. The interior and exterior conditions must be the same as they were at the beginning of the rental. It’s the closest wave area and we wanted to get wet as soon as possible. Plane tickets and surfboard charges calculations, forecast checking and also, the essential question that makes or breaks the trip itself  – where to get a camper van in Portugal and not go broke? It has a triangular break with good lefts and rights. The best waves begin to work with 1m, holding up to 2m W, NW swell and E quadrant wind. All Surfinn surf camps are situated in the best locations along the Portuguese coast to ensure that you have the best waves at your door. Works best with a swell from NW and SE wind. And actually it is. Low Season – Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec – No restriction Medium Low Season – Apr, May – 5 days’ minimum Medium High Season – Jun, Oct – 5 days’ minimum High Season – Jul (1/14), Aug (16/31), Sep – 7 days’ minimum Extra High Season – Jul (15/31), Aug (01/15), – 7 days’ minimum, It has to be delivered clean and without any traces of use. Portugal has 300 days of sunshine per year, enjoy each one of them at your own pace and do it lowcost. Its orientation to N, NW ensures greater consistency. Basically it’s better to go with a local guide if you want to get in and get out unharmed. And after surf we were packing things back into the car and watch drip drying wetsuits hanging from the outside rear view mirrors of various camper vans with people again sipping coffee, making lunch or just chilling, reading a book and occasionally glancing towards the waves just to be up to date on what they are doing, just in case they need to jump in again for a quick session or checking the forecast and making plans where and to which beach they will move next to do it all again. Peniche is a very complete area where there is always an off-shore wind. Where did this year go?! Caparica, Carcavelos, Cascais and Guincho. If you own the van it’s way cheaper, if you rent a cheap one it can still be cheaper than renting a car and a new room every second day. From the Peniche/Ericeira area all the way down to Algarve and Sagres it is quite a drive. Plenty of USB charging possibilities. Ideal conditions occur when it is more than 1m swell and wind from WE. A change of location gives your brain something to do, but when days again start to look the same…idk…beach -> bar -> drunk -> sleep time again flies. The ideal conditions occur during big NW swell and E winds. Thorough explanation upon receival was very useful! It is a high quality wave recommended for experienced surfers because it breaks over a reef bottom. This is the only beach mentioned here with south orientation. It has long left hander wave with fast and slow sections. You suddenly turn into camper van expert, checking how other peoples vans are built and organized, watching youtube videos of home builds and imagining how your own van would look like. Other places like Porto and Faro are subject to availability. This time even further up than Nazare. If you continue to use this site you are accepting our cookie policy. I have done plenty of surf trips and almost all of them involved a scene when we arrived at a spot and some camper vans were already parked there with people already finished surfing or maybe just sipping their morning coffee, no hurry, no driving anywhere. “Someday I’m gonna do that!” was always on the back of my mind, but when surf trip plans were made it always slipped my mind…until this year. If you run out, you buy a new one. When you choose to Hire a Campervan with us, you´re also hiring the most friendly staff, the best itinerary planners and a team that wants you to have the best surf trip ever. PBV- Campervan Rentals, Lda Rua da Escola, 302 2675-251 Odivelas Lisboa – Portugal. If I only take owning a beach house at every surf spot, every beach, everything else pales in comparison. Wind and swell were both coming from the same direction and if you managed to hide from the wind you also managed to hide from the waves. Watch out for some rocks scattered along the beach! Superfriendly staff at the office in Lisboa with time to explain everything to us. Watch out for some rocks scattered along the beach! Ideal conditions occur with greater than 1m NW swell and E wind. This works great, because the alternative is arriving to an empty van for a week and then buying 1l of oil, 1l of vinegar, 1kg of salt, 1kg of sugar and then using 5% of it in a week having no idea what to do with the rest when returning the van. :o. Required fields are marked *, Action sports knowledge database for wetsuits, surfing, mountainbiking, snowboarding, and other sports. By bank transfer paying 50% of the rental cost By our Paypal account, paying 50% (administrative costs may apply) of the rental cost. It is the most popular beach in the Alentejo region for its beauty but it’s never too crowded, even in its best days.

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