there is that judgement, that part will be taken out. Einfache und flexible Steuerung für komplexe, leistungsfähige Sound-Systeme. 8� �� PK ! t � �0 � � � � � � � 65� �5�yt_u+ ^ 2 � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 2 ( � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � 8 X � V ~ _HmHnHsHtH R `�� R _u+ N o r m a l d �� CJ OJ QJ _HaJ mHsHtH : A ��� : P o l i c e p a r d � f a u t V i@��� V T a b l e a u N o r m a l � 4� Die Mehrkanal-Leistungsverstärker der XMV-Serie verfügen über beispiellos effiziente Class-D-Schaltungen und spezielle Funktionen, von denen insbesondere fest installierte Beschallungsanlagen im Handels- und Dienstleistungssektor profitieren. ", My answer (which is not literal but LITERARY). 'a set/a matrix/a grid of keys' from df above. Air Diffusion Flowbar in Selfridges Customer Services Lounge. Translations in context of "grille de lecture" in French-English from Reverso Context: Collecter les données documentaires - Une grille de lecture structurée a été élaborée en janvier 2018. However I'm sure other interesting interpretations will arise in debate! Nothing else. a phenomenon or a text or an art exhibit or whatever else, based on a given concept or philosophy or intention. 2000 North ParkwayMemphis, Tennessee 38112 Yes I agree, I think something beyond the literal is needed here. � How the exhibit is "framed". ***La grille de lecture*** s’offre ainsi sans pollution, sans nous submerger d’informations inutiles”. }��x�Ջ��U�e�����ӧ�@H��8�?����Ͽ���oV�7��C�n�C��cP�Xŕ����V#L�+6�P�k.�{*r�7��e�q��ׂ���*���]G�A$&�Vp��p�s��� Hello Margaret and thank you! And that's why I got rid of it. l a� yt_u+ � doesn't mean that you shouldn't be rewriting to avoid literal translation, but that if you are going to re-write you need to make sure that you don't end up with a translation that means something completely different. � We uphold the values of academic freedom, as stated in the College handbook. sH And I think that English mother tongue speakers should be able to give a literary rendition with being criticized by non-native speakers who don't do literary translation. Tagged: linear slot, diffusers, square and louvre face, ceiling diffuser, Louvre Faced Ceiling Diffusers. This is once again a misunderstanding of the source text and a mistranslation (see my comments and explanations above for the correct meaning). ky�� � theme/theme/themeManager.xmlPK- ! So können Sie je nach Einsatzzweck das am besten geeignete Modell auswählen und, falls erwünscht, dieses mit einem Subwoofer kombinieren, wenn vor Ort ein besonders kraftvoller Tiefbass benötigt wird. There are no models here. Margaret's comment at 01 3:37 PM (NB: yes, I also mentioned the word "guide" earlier). 2 4 5 6 ������� h_u+ h�^_ h_u+ 5�CJ aJ h�^_ h_u+ CJ aJ h�^_ h_u+ CJ aJ h�^_ h_u+ 4 5 6 � � { kd $$If �l � �0 ��4L, � Now, I have given my translation solution and no matter how much you protest, that is my opinion of what a WRITERLY translation of these texts of Lu should READ like in English. Air Diffusion has supplied the beautifully discrete jet-throw FlowBar to the recently refurbished Whitworth Art Gallery. May 5, 2015 - Saved by Nimrod Meroz (nimrodska). Contact. ѐ�� ' � theme/theme/_rels/themeManager.xml.relsPK ] �. re. 2 3 4 � v v v v d� � $If gd_u+ { kdr $$If �l � �0 ��4L, � reposting of my (disappeared) comment to Jane's now deleted answer ["viewing arrangement"] after I posted a disagree: "no viewing arrangement, not any more than "viewing frame" or "standard model"... ref. APELLIDO: Nombre: CONNAISSANCE DU TEXTE Fluidit� de la lecture 0 1 2 3 LA PRONONCIATION 0 1 2 3 L'ACCENTUATION - des mots - des syllabes 0 1 2 3 4 L'INTONATION 0 1 2 3 LA PROSODIE : Les liaisons de mots (fusion de voyelles) et les pauses (les groupes de souffle). I can see that this is a guide. I am not sure this captures the image, because things are not "reversed", they just appear clearly., 1er réseau social enseignant, s'adresse aux professeurs et personnels de l'Education nationale. February 7, 2017. Moi, je renonce à évaluer le critère "mettre le ton". NB: it isn't just "viewing", it means reading the meaning of the concept, or design, in the sense of "interpreting", "understanding", "decoding" etc. Discreet Flowbar crucial for RIBA award winner, Air Diffusion Helps Cherwell Valley Services rise from the Ashes. Raconter la scène de la perspective du père. Après avoir échangé avec les élèves, on a opté pour "l'intention". � @�}�w��7c�(Eb�ˮ�� C�AǠҟ����7��՛K Y,� �e�.���|,���H�,l����xɴ��I�sQ}#Ր���� ֵ+�!�,�^�$j=�GW���)�E�+& It should be noted that when the physical safety of the Rhodes community is threatened, the college reserves the right to cancel an event. Comment. A discreet, but effective ventilation system became a key part of the design for the revolutionary educational building that went on to win this year’s RIBA North West Award. ! ! Roof, covering of the top of a building, serving to protect against rain, snow, sunlight, wind, and extremes of temperature. �֧�� 6 _rels/.rels���j�0���}Q��%v/��C/�} �(h"���O� Another buzzword that seems to have a different meaning depending on who uses it. Within days a temporary structure was in place to restore services to the site in the form of a temporary structure that contained all the required facilities for the service area to function. S Discover more of the best Poster and Baubauhaus inspiration on Designspiration � Once an event is scheduled, the Office of Events Planning and/or appropriate administrative office (Dean of Students or Dean of Faculty) will assist with planning the event details as is needed and helpful. It has been a decade since the ground-breaking renovation project of 55 Baker Street in London, reinventing a 1950s office building into a contemporary urban hub of living, leisure, office and retail spaces. ! At its peak, Oxfordshire Fire Services had 120 firemen fighting the blaze. Q and Jane, allow me to explain what you mean with your comment d.f, as it may not be clear right away if one reads it too fast. Tagged: Flowbar, diffuser, Louvre Faced Ceiling Diffusers. I'm used to viewing frame or window from cultural discourse as well though, as a metaphor for an aesthetic or philosophical filter. As with all requests to use College space, in order to further the effectiveness of the event and to avoid any conflicts in scheduling, faculty and staff organizers of expressive activity events that require the use of a College space are expected to reserve the space on the Events Management online portal. Set against the walls or in the space, the objects act like filters that veil what need not be seen. They will consult with others on campus as needed to finalize a response to the appeal. VXL series line array speakers offer a unique combination of outstanding sound quality and slim form that is ideal for a variety of environments. � I understand this to say that the objects act like filter, forming a grid that offers us a clarified view. � Steve Crampton. Perdiswell Leisure Centre, Worcester. � Now, my own reading is that the arrangement of the objects (acting like a filter) makes it so that the viewer can interpret the place and focus on the place without outside distractions... Now I would like to know if the translation I suggested above is suitable (a slightly different version of yours, Jane). l a� yt_u+ Q don't agree at all with this suggestion which looks like a misunderstanding of the meaning of the French buzzword phrase: 1) a grille de lecture is not about how the exhibit is physically "framed [...] with the objects acting like filter or forming a grid" or anything else of the kind (see my explanations above). The College may or may not choose to promote an event depending on availability of resources or the nature of the event. The VXL series includes three models with different numbers of speaker units. Expressive activities must not interfere with normal College business. Eurostar's Gare du Nord Business Premier Lounge has an understated sophistication with its marble fireplaces and velvet furniture which is finished off by its double-height ceilings, defined by Air Diffusion’s subtle, yet expressive, FlowBar high capacity slot diffusers. GRILLE D'EVALUATION DE LECTURE EXPRESSIVE. �4�����$�f.&e��U��8q�ۛ�P7�t�F�s��D�$D!=�� �����]w�/��c��P����$C:r�i�h����i���o�6;�Q��*��ȁ�����B�!a����q�!�Y��ױ���L�_���O��q���Ukn Here, it means that the way objects are arranged provides a "guide to reading them". 0 1 2 3 LES ENCHA�NEMENTS entre les r�pliques des personnages 0 1 2 VOIX AUDIBLE 0 1 2 TOTAL SUR 20 * H I b o � � � � � � � � � + , - / < Y Z � � � � � � � � � � � ( ( And it is has no meaning for me except criticism of the translation skills. Not in display cases.\. t � �0 � � � � � � � 6� � � �� � �� � �� � �4� 4� I also signal above that I understand that the phrase means a 'grid' that aids interpretation, or 'interpretative grid'. VXS series "S models" are subwoofers that ideally complement the expressive natural sound of VXS and VXC series speakers. Just an update on df's comment. � If within the body of a communication � If a message involves judgment of a peer, criticism or defence of that peers competence, � The following policy has been developed in cooperation with the Rhodes faculty and administration. These co-curricular or extra-curricular activities are a core part of the life of the College. Organizers intending to use city sidewalks and streets adjacent to the College should make appropriate arrangement with the city of Memphis. ! Violate the Rhodes College Handbook or, as applicable, the Rhodes College Student Handbook, including but not limited to the Rhodes College Title IX Policy, Diversity Policy, Policy on Discrimination and Harassment, Sex/Gender Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy, Administrative Policy, Communications Policy, Information Services Policy, and Safety and Security Policy contained therein. Je fais des grilles d'évaluation orale avec mes élèves de bac pro . Tagged: Flowbar, Egg Crate Grilles, Double Deflection Grilles. This video is unavailable. ! Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. your proposed "an unpolluted experience / interpretation (of the space/display)" without distractions: yes, this is basically the intended meaning, and your wording works well. What I'm getting from my own reading (now that it has been established that we are talking about "guide" to an interpretation), the objects act as filters so what you see then beyond that filter is the surrounding space. Read the sentence, the arrangement of the objects functions LIKE a "reading guide" to viewing them. So, it's the same context. Perhaps this is what you mean Jane? And there are surely others that are acceptable too. February 7, 2017. Jane, d.f. A high-rise building has recently been built to accommodate Manchester’s growing need for office space. Lu doesn't want to use literary criticism terms. So maybe we could express that with a sentence rather than trying to translate "grille de lecture". h�L� h_u+ CJ aJ mH ������=������ ����C?�h�v=��Ʌ��%[xp��{۵_�Pѣ�H�0���O�R�Bd���JE�4b$��q_����6L��R�7`�������0̞O��,�En7�Li�b��/�S���e��е���� �� PK ! Grille évaluation lecture à voix haute cycle 3. ѐ�� ' theme/theme/_rels/themeManager.xml.rels��M Air Diffusion have supplied a range of diffusers for the new Perdiswell Leisure Centre swimming pool. Je peux te donner les critères mais pourraient -ils s'appliquer à des élèves de seconde générale? Swimming Pools. Guide sounds good. Students who are planning an event should consult with the Offices of Student Leadership and Events Planning to make space reservations. � Each member of the community is expected to be respectful of the corollary right of other community members to perform their duties and participate in the life of the College free from disruption, interference, or harassment. Slim line array speaker with 24 x 1.5” drivers, Slim line array speaker with 16 x 1.5” drivers, Slim line array speaker with 8 x 1.5” drivers, Vertical Coupling Support Bracket for VXL series, Verbindungsstück zur horizontalen Kopplung für die VXL Serie. That is my position on this kind of translation. This arrangement provides an unobstructed view of the objects.... becoz, they are free-standing or against the walls. Hello again Timothy and thank you! t � �0 � � � � � � � 65� �5�yt_u+ � $$If � !v h5� �5�#v �#v:V �l 's take on it. While respecting academic freedom and the rights of its members to peaceful and unobstructed expressions of opinion, Rhodes College requires such activities not disrupt the College’s operations or endanger the safety of others. ������ο������������������������������������������ h� This phrase is often used metaphorically, in architectural and other anglophone texts, to signal exactly what you suggest - a guide that helps the reader when 'interpreting, understanding, decoding the design'. t � �0 � � � � � � � 6� � � �� � �� � �� � �4� 4� If an event cannot be planned in advance, the Organizer/Liaison must contact the Dean of Students or Dean of Faculty to determine the availability of space, and provide contact information before the event begins. Lecture de la 2 ème partie, pp. LA PRONONCIATION. Grille Installation Operation and Maintenance Case Studies CPD Contact Products Technical. Any input should have to do only with this purpose. Perso voici ma grille (sur 5 points, après pour ramener sur 2 faudrait adapter) : par gregforever le Sam 22 Fév 2020 - 14:46. )NLi�Y]wp��f \}@U4�p Tagged: linearslot, diffusers, plenumboxes, linearbargrilles, Flowbar, linearfloorgrilles, jetnozzlediffuser, ceilingswirldiffuser, eggcrategrilles. A new European headquarters for the global business and financial information leader, Bloomberg, opened in October 2017. � ) Les programmes de 2008 sont très discrets sur la lecture à voix haute : Lire à haute voix avec fluidité et de manière expressive un texte de plus de dix lignes, après préparation. The outcome of the refurbishment, still cutting-edge in design, demonstrates the diversity and capabilities of Air Diffusion products and services, and our overall involvement in the project. Class-D-Endstufen mit Impedanzumschaltung als clevere, einfache Audiolösung für kleine bis mittelgroße Anwendungen. � v v v v v d� � $If gd_u+ { kd� $$If �l � �0 ��4L, � Here he explains the design choices he made. © Copyright Swegon 2020. t � �0 � � � � � � � 65� �5�yt_u+ � $$If � !v h5� �5�#v �#v:V �l – Compréhension de la 3. partie du texte, p. 156 : … � a phenomenon or a text or an art exhibit or whatever else, based on a given concept or philosophy or intention. For all events on campus, the organizer shall be responsible for the orderly execution of the event, for any possible liability, and is required to coordinate security, cleanup, and parking with administrative staff. "Posé contre les murs ou dans l’espace, les objets agissent comme des filtres, permetant de masquer ce que nous n’avons pas besoin de voir. "keys for understanding, to guide understanding": that was offered ONLY for explanation purposes, not for direct use as a translation). �֧�� 6 + _rels/.relsPK- ! d.f. In any event, you are not even taking into account her sentence, and translating without the sentence and context is a fool's errand. The expressive speech and activities governed by this policy are planned or spontaneous actions by a group or individual which are expressions of opinion, by words or action about particular events, policies, or situations. t � �0 � � � � � � � 6� � � �� � �� � �� � �4� 4� R MA [I also signal above that I understand that the phrase means a 'grid' that aids interpretation, or 'interpretative grid]. @Jane: the sentence you quote above as being mine, is not... Ref. !��"��#��$��%� ������Dp � $$If � !v h5� �5�#v �#v:V �l ["this arrangement provides a clear unobstructed view of the objects"]: this is not what the text says -what is provided by the layout/arrangement of the objects is a clear and easy system / guide for understanding/interpreting the whole display. Objects in galleries are arranged in this or that way. Perhaps uncluttered is better. �� PK ! and 2) "lecture" is not just viewing: it is about interpreting, understanding, decoding the design, concept or exhibit or whatever it is that you “view”. t � �0 � � � � � � � 6� � � �� � �� � �� � �4� 4� I only went at first for 'viewing frame' rather than a reading guide as the former to me suggested a form of guide that focuses on aesthetic objects. A £22m expansion project to Stratford Hospital has almost doubled the size of the original site, with Air Diffusion and Actionair providing custom sized diffusers and highest quality dampers. ! ) It is a violation of the norms of the College community for anyone to prevent the conduct of College business, including lectures, meetings, events, ceremonies, classroom/educational activities, or other necessary business and community functions. and to avoid viewing the unnecessary - is that it? t � �0 � � � � � � � 6� � � �� � �� � �� � �4� 4� Reading guide is an image only. well why not, as I already suggested in my explanations yesterday December 01 10:14 AM - I can't but agree with myself about this meaning and explanation... ;-), (note re. � ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� � ! judgmental remarks, that message will be deleted. Interpretation??? ���� [Content_Types].xml���j�0E����ж�r�(��΢Iw},��-j��4 ��w�P�-t#bΙ{U�����T�U^h�d}㨫���)��*1P�'�� �^��W��0)��T�9�l�#��$yi}��;�~@��(���H����u�*Dנz��/0�ǰ����$��X��3aZ����,�D0j~�3߶�b��~i>���3�\`�?�/�[���G��\�!�-�Rk.�s�Ի�..���a濭? Die VXS-Serie umfasst zwei Fullrange-Modelle und zwei Subwoofer. The organizer is expected to ensure that the event complies with existing College policies and procedures, applicable state and federal laws, rules, and regulations. � ! How objects are arranged (in the middle of the space and on the walls) is not a technically, a grille de lecture anyway. C � [ o � ! You always post answers without looking at the actual context. sH L'ACCENTUATION. Ffion, it is merely the arrangement of the damn objects: against the wall or freestanding. Fluidité de la lecture. Watch Queue Queue Only discussions that contribute to finding solutions and do not aggravate are permitted. Rhodes College is a place that aspires to graduate students with a life-long passion for learning, a compassion for others, and the ability to translate academic study and personal concern into effective leadership and action in their communities and the world. It boils down to how the objects are set out in a completely uncluttered space! P 5�CJ aJ h�^_ h_u+ 5�CJ aJ h�^_ h_u+ CJ aJ h�^_ h_u+ CJ aJ h�^_ h_u+ h�^_ h_u+ 5�CJ aJ h�^_ h_u+ CJ aJ mH � � F F � > � � � � F � F � � � � F ���� Ћ/.��� � � � T 0 � � � 3 R � � � � � $ ! " Ce forum permet de créer des contacts professionnels et amicaux entre collègues, et d'échanger sur le monde de l'éducation et la pédagogie. We worked on the project by supplying bespoke Air Diffusion diffusers. Tagged: FlowBar, linearbargrilles, ceilingswirldiffuser. Good morning all and thank you. I think I finally understand what Jane is trying to say - the way the objects are arranged deters the viewer from looking at the unnecessary (I yet have to fathom out what the unnecessary is frankly, but there you go)and makes the viewer focus, in the correct order, the objects in the light they are intended to be viewed - now Jane is this "grille" and actual physical object or is abstract? I'm sorry Jane it means a standard model, I am convinced of it - look it up on the internet. ���.�b��(�b|��> 4�aE��)c¸�㑠X3���f�/�4/$}AS���O1�Č��g߽|��zt�ǣ���` 9��q�W����?

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