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The METOD range is based on a modular system which offers greater versatility. For Which I know nothing about. You can also at any time request that your data be deleted or that its use is limited by contacting us (see ”How to contact us”). The Company will store your personal data as long as you are a customer with us. Vous avez également le droit d'accéder à toutes données personnelles que nous détenons à votre sujet et demander que celles-ci vous soient transférées. CHANGES TO THE TERMS Click here!”] on the Website, fill in name, e-mail address, choice of password and click [”Submit”]. 3.1 You understand and accept that all material on the Website, including but not limited to, intellectual property rights such as copyrights, design rights, trademarks, images, code and other similar rights fully belong to the Company, and may not be copied, modified, distributed or in any other way be disposed of by other than the Company. We’ve had that issue with plastic skirts, I agree, they don’t cut as easily as the old formed board ones. We produce on order and deliver in flat packages. Want something bright, light and kid-proof. Doubtless you’ve chosen now but I thought this was a great question and have used it for a blog post here: Hi Moregeous, I have seen a lot of moaning re Ikea kitchens from kitchen installers especially about there being no gap for pipes, the non-compatibility of doors with integrated appliances and worktop size. What this reduced plinth height does mean is that the previous full height Faktum door, which was 70cm high, is now 8ocm high – crucially meaning that the new Metod doors will NOT fit the old Faktum system. Everywhere I’ve read that there is no service gap behind the cabinets, but then the fitter told me there is a 15mm gap. Many thanks. I will look very carefully at options – Wickes, B&Q, etc before buying again. 7. Hi Julia Hi I have been through the pains of combining Faktum, Metod, Abstrakt & Ringhult! also i brought a ikea dishwasher about 2 yrs ago in preperation of doing the kitchen now I can’t get the special hinge needed to fit door to dishwasher. Faktum Ltd manufactures new doors and fronts for IKEA Faktum cabinets and our production is measured by IKEAs original drawings with a perfect fit for your IKEA Faktum cabinets, your IKEA Faktum hinges and your IKEA Rationell drawers. You can, once a year, receive information about the personal data registered in a written form from Superfront AB by requesting it from our customer service [email protected]. Funky coloured boxes give another non-kitchen look. Main changes for the good, as noted by Team Moregeous: Practical implications of Metod replacing Faktum: Our mini-Metod was delivered this morning, I’ve chosen the new Brokhult pale walnut style panels and doors, like the ones above, and look forward to sharing some images in a couple of weeks when it’s fitted and finished in Project Pad. • Quantity of each product. Change ), Hi and welcome to all things Moregeous :-) 3.3 Il est permis de copier les images disponibles sur le Site Internet pour montrer les Produits de Superfront à des tiers sur papier ou sur un autre site Internet. La Société collabore uniquement avec des partenaires qui traitent les données personnelles au sein de l'UE/EEE ou avec des sociétés qui appliquent le même degré de protection que celui appliqué au sein de l'UE/EEE, notamment en adhérant au Bouclier de protection des données entre l'UE et les États-Unis. 6. Please enter your email address and you will receive a link to reset your password. After more than 20 years of production, we have replaced our FAKTUM kitchen system with the new METOD kitchen system. Our Website does not support Internet Explorer, we recommend that you use Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox. They gave me a sneaky peek into the new room sets being developed and they did indeed feel very different to previous room sets in lots of ways. If you have any further enquiries regarding your FAKTUM kitchen, guarantee or the METOD range, you can contact us. Our inherited kitchen is also an IKEA Faktum which is now looking tired. 6. Would you mind letting me know where? We have just completed our Ikea kitchen with bespoke doors. anyway got one on order free of charge. 7.1 En cas de guerre, grève, émeute, cataclysme, augmentation importante des prix sur le marché international, panne d'électricité, défaillance des systèmes de télécommunication, de communication de données ou autre communication, et en cas de défaut ou de retard concernant les services de sous-traitants ou en cas d'évènements comparables échappant au contrôle de Superfront en raison des circonstances indiquées dans la présente clause, Superfront sera en droit d'invoquer la force majeure. POLITIQUE DE CONFIDENTIALITÉ Visit our kitchen department page to see new METOD kitchens or read more about the switch in our METOD/FAKTUM FAQ. Embellir ou rajeunir sa cuisine IKEA Faktum avec le Programme Rénovation OSKAB. 8.5 Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be finally settled by Stockholm District Court to the extent the law allows. I can see problems with hinges…) Apparently the AEG allows for fronts to be mounted straight onto appliance doors. • To use your data to monitor the use of our website and ensure that our website is presented in the most effective and relevant manner for you and your device and setting default options for you (such as language and store location). Luckily I think I got ikea’s master guru and he knew what I was on about and was aware that the item has been discontinued. 556911-0892, address Tegnérgatan 3, 111 40 Stockholm, e-mail: [email protected]. Should be fitting a Smeg integrated with this, so wish me luck… interested in others experiences! 8.2 Superfront a le droit de céder et de transmettre tout ou partie de ses droits et devoirs dans le cadre de ces Conditions. Have seen Nodsta in store though and will likely by using it in the future as I really like it. Availability is limited and pricing is on application. There’s a new frame / track system now which attaches to your walls and onto which the base and wall units fix. Marvellous maybe Moregeous but no 30cm or 50cm widths – this will rule out for many applications. Problem now is that the new cabinets are the Metod range not the old Faktum, so you might face issues with getting cabinets to fit the doors. MODIFICATIONS DES CONDITIONS How old are they and where could I source them from? Cela signifie que les données seront effacées lorsqu'elles ne seront plus pertinentes ou nécessaires dans le cadre d'analyse ou de marketing direct aux fins pour lesquelles elles ont été collectées. Use the QUICK CALCULATING SYSTEM for your purchases. Yes, it is fiddly for the tradesmen who are not prepared for, and used to Ikea kitchens. Width 40 cm. Hi, I’d like to get some non-idea doors for metod cabinets, do you know where I can get the exact measurements to pass on to the CNC cutting company? It can be a real benefit to be able to see our colours in different lights in your home, before making a final decision about which one to choose. • satisfaire aux obligations légales et de mise en conformité qui incombent à Superfront ; You will need a copy of your original receipt to make a claim. Any pictures of before n after for the kitchen refurb you mention using new doors. Kristy. We have just had that problem – decided to get a unit with the 28mm legs, and then buy an extra 20mm drawer front to cut a hole in for the plinth heater. Ask in store but I’m sure this is the case. 1.3 By clicking [I agree to the user agreements], You hereby understand and agree to the terms and our Privacy Policy. Comment traitons-nous et protégeons-nous vos données ? see my how to here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRIJwsf2YXA. I had a great success and respect for Factum BUT not for Metod. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive news. Has been painful, but seeing light at the end of the tunnel! This Privacy Policy applies when you use our Website (www.superfront.com), and services that are included in or on a website managed by the Company. Chris. • When you subscribe to our newsletter. that characterize the 2 models. 2. • vous contacter par SMS, e-mail ou courrier postal au sujet d'autres offres, promotions ou services dont nous pensons qu'ils pourraient vous intéresser. FAKTUM wall cabinets vs. METOD IKEA FAKTUM system IKEA METOD system. Unfortunately, FAKTUM is no longer manufactured for IKEA. 8.1 You may terminate Your account at any time. I’d love to see a pic of your kitchen if possible, in order to help? I’m looking at buying new appliances though….are people saying that regular non Ikea appliances fit in the Faktum units? To be hung at the bottom of a high cabinet in combination with a lower front above. The minor hassle will be the hinges, which I have not looked at in detail. You’d need a friendly cabinet maker. You'll find more information about FAKTUM and METOD in our FAQs. 5.3 Vous notez et acceptez que le Service rendu dépend notamment, mais sans s'y limiter, de la connexion Internet de l'utilisateur et d'autres conditions techniques similaires liées à l'appareil et à l'environnement de l'utilisateur. Not much point in fitting an end panel that leaves a gap at the wall!??? *Kitchen fronts have been sold with a 25 year guarantee since August 2008. • When you contact us or we contact you to take part in surveys, competitions or promotions. Since August 2007, FAKTUM kitchens have been sold with a 25 year guarantee*. Si les modifications sont importantes, nous vous communiquerons un avis supplémentaire, selon ce qui convient au vu des circonstances et conformément à la loi applicable. La Politique de confidentialité de Superfront AB (« Société » ou « nous ») décrit quelles données nous collectons, la finalité du traitement, de quelle manière nous traitons vos données, comment vous pouvez les contrôler et comment nous contacter au sujet de vos données. Have ordered a new Ikea Kitchen but because of the 8cm plinth I’m having problems finding an electric plinth heater to fit. • participer à des enquêtes et évaluer la satisfaction client ; Really hard for me to say, it’s something you’d need to check in store and ask exactly how wide the new Metod fridge freezer cabinets are. Please select country to see correct pricing, delivery times and shipping costs. We stand behind the quality of our products and will continue to honour all FAKTUM guarantees. Avoir une cuisine design abordable. Superfront AB, company number. Hi there, there are most definitely suppliers who do 650mm & wider too, where in the country are you? but am looking for a plinth heater that connects to my water heating system. We had them made at Shaker Doors in Oxford and they knew all the IKEA measurements which was handy. Width 60 cm. https://faktum.co.uk/. Before I go ahead with fitting a Nodsta/Method, I would very much appreciate your take on it. • When you access our website. 6. Plastic skirting can’t be altered in height so make sure you don’t adjust the unit support legs! En acceptant ces Conditions, vous certifiez avoir plus de 18 ans. Vous pouvez ainsi conserver vos caissons et changer simplement vos portes grâce à la quincaillerie adaptée fournie par Oskab. 2.2 Les données personnelles que vous fournissez à Superfront seront traitées conformément à la Politique de confidentialité de Superfront, que vous pouvez lire ici. I have been told that cutting a section out of the plinth solves this problem. Thank you. IKEA rocks! There you will then complete your order. ( obviously won’t allow for any over hang but we prefer this anyway) What would be the best width in your opinion? Soon, I won’t be able to do that as the old Faktum doors will be phased out. • évaluer, développer et améliorer nos services, produits et systèmes en analysant des schémas de données statistiques et le comportement sur notre Site Web ; Le programme de rénovation Oskab est compatible avec le programme Faktum d’Ikéa. Ora disponibile il nostro kit foratura ante. IKEA kitchen staff can help make an After Sales order that comes from Germany and/or Sweden. NOT GOOD. This includes payment providers, delivery companies and other carefully selected third parties, such as our customer database hosting provider, marketing agencies and advertising partners who assist us in providing you with a positive customer experience. Vous pouvez, une fois par an, recevoir des informations au sujet des données personnelles enregistrées au format écrit de la part de Superfront AB en les demandant à notre service client à l'adresse suivante : [email protected]. We have therefore taken the necessary security measures to protect Your Personal Data against unauthorized access, modification, corruption of data and loss. Thanks, I used your query in our latest blog post Nicola, let me know if it was helpful x Privacy Policy A l'annonce du remplacement des cuisines Faktum au profit de la nouvelle collection Metod, je me suis dit que c'était le moment où jamais de redonner un peu de fraicheur à la pièce en changeant les façades plutôt classiques (Städt) pour un modèle plus contemporain blanc laqué.Mais vous me connaissez suffisamment maintenant pour vous douter qu'une cuisine totalement blanche du … • When you purchase products from us in-store and online. , I’ve installed a siemens dishwasher, by placing it on the ground. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Remember once you cut a unit you have lost any guarantee. Width 30 cm. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I am fascinated with kitchen modern designs. Miscellaneous You terminate Your user account by sending us a written termination to [email protected] Your user account may also be deleted by inactivity after 36 months. Outre les données personnelles décrites ci-dessus, nous collectons également des données techniques qui peuvent inclure l'URL depuis laquelle vous avez accès au Site Web, l'identifiant unique du dispositif, la langue, le type de navigateur, le réseau et la performance de l'ordinateur, des informations sur le système d'exploitation que vous utilisez et les données de localisation. Given that METOD frames are thicker (18mm) do you think the appliance will fit? 4.2 Vous êtes responsable de l'utilisation du Service via votre Compte utilisateur et de sa conformité au droit applicable. With Ikea units I’ve always had cable chased in and protected with plastic trunking, you shouldn’t surface mount bare cables. To be hung at the top of a high cabinet in combination with a lower front underneath. Hi, This implies that data will be erased when they are no longer relevant or necessary for analysis or direct marketing for the purposes for which they have been collected. Sian. Our floor slopes slightly and hence, the legs needed winding up slightly at one end…now the plinth won’t fit. x, http://www.interiorblogawards.com/vote/moregeous/, Around The World in 8ish Steaks, Drunken Butcher style, A little Heart Art goes a long, lovely way, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRIJwsf2YXA, http://www.ppltile.com/images/D/krimiss-3.JPG, https://moregeous.wordpress.com/2014/05/27/blog-reader-advice-ikea-ringhult-kitchen-worktop-advice/, Win A Place For A Deserving Pal on “Four Weeks To Rock A Roast”, Vid & Images : Boozy Brunch-Lunch & An Online Cook-Along. My problem is that ive damaged 2 old Faktum units and cant replace them. The model has been discontinued since 2014. The item for fixing a door to another branded dishwasher us called Behjalplig. Superfront AB est personnellement responsable conformément aux présentes conditions et doit traiter les données conformément à la législation en vigueur. À quel moment collectons-nous vos données personnelles ? RE: Metod doors on old Faktum kitchens. This means that it is possible to source replacements or supplement the kitchen for a time-limited period since FAKTUM left the range in 2014. 5. Annie, Hi Annie, I loved those doors, the oak ones with the thin rib detail? He told me that the item was only available via after sales and then he used his jigery pokery computer and logged in as a super guru as then said that there was 3400 ish available but that was to serve all of Europe (he showed me the screen) he then asked if I had anything delivered recently an as I said yes he said that he would book it against a claim and that I didn’t need to pay. Our Ikea compatible doors have the same fixed dimensions available for the FAKTUM and METOD models and are already provided with kitchen hinge holes with the same features (distance from the edge, number of holes, etc.) Hello. • To create an account on our Website. Our sides for Ikea’s Faktum kitchen are 16 mm thick. That is because the Faktum shapes and sizes are very special, making it practically impossible to apply patterns nicely to them. Do you have all the necessary information and do you already know what to buy? Vid & Images: Spanish Spectacular Supper Club, and New Events! How to contact us Superfront a également le droit de sous-traiter l'exécution de ses engagements dans le cadre de ces Conditions.

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